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Lumi Kenti Flamez (Soldado Di Liberdade)

This album projects a positive and a personal message of love, life, struggle and overcoming adversities to allow its listeners to take a deeper look on life, this album stands true to the roots of Cape Verde hip hop embarking on a journey through world music .

Lumi Kenti Flamez (Soldado Di Liberdade)
Alma Tristi

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Product information
1. Ser Sencero (feat. DG)
2. Subricilenti (feat. Elisangela)
3. Bu Personalidade (feat. Hozivelte, Que, DG & Nina Cabral)
4. Kenti ft. Hozi
5. Alma Tristi
6. Custuma Ku Pedra (feat. Hozivelte)
7. Spia Na Bo (feat. Dream Ryderz)
8. Nha Infancia (feat. DG)
9. All Simple (feat. JV Darapsinga & DW Khlalifa)
10. Um Dia (feat. Hozivelte)
11. Na Realidade
12. Ka Pode Tchiga Pra Li (feat. Big Motcha)
13. Mi Ku Nha Padjinha (feat. DG)
14. Representa Cv (feat. MC Blackdalla)
15. Bo Kin\'ta Ama (feat. Hozivelte)
16. So Right (Remix) [feat. Big Motcha & Satur Boss Ramos]
17. Tudo Ilha
18. Na Praça (feat. Jay Dizafor & Que)
19. For My People (feat. Big Motcha & Dream Ryderz)

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